Saturday, February 03, 2007

creative practice: another place

I've been in Ireland and Scotland for a bit, Ireland for family and reflection, Scotland for Celtic Connections. All parts of the trip were good, and it was time to be immersed in other things for a while. I'm still learning what I learned, so to speak, coming back into my life here in America. Ireland is part of my world, as familiar as stepping into the next room. But sometimes it's hard, and also neccessary, to take that step and just see things from a different point along the road. That's good for creative practice, as is being immersed in present day concerns half a world and five time zones away. The intense and constant action at Celtic Connections is always a contrast to the quiet of rural Ireland, and you'll hear more about the music that went on there later. But for the moment, I offer on the creative practice side, the idea of taking a step into another room -- or another country.

to hear and see some of Celtic Connections, check out the BBC's radio and television coverage

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