Saturday, February 09, 2008

creative practice: the spaces between

Musicians -- all artists, indeed -- know that the silences, the rests, the pauses, the time for breath, are right, are needed, are as much a part of the creation, as are the notes, the words, and the voices.

As much as they are a natural part of creation, it often takes patience to see them and to hear them, though, to live through them with attention and acceptance. True in other areas of life as well.

music to go along with these ideas includes

Scottish/Cape Breton/American Celtic style fiddler Hanneke Cassel's latest release, Calm the Raging Seas.
American heartland folk singer and songwriter Carrie Newcomer's The Geography of Light, and her earlier recording, The Gathering of Spirits
Irish American musician Cathie Ryan's The Farthest Wave
Mexican American songwriter Tish Hinojosa's Dreaming from the Labyrinth

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