Sunday, July 20, 2008

creative practice: lighthouses

A company which makes windows wants to demonstrate its expertise by giving a landmark light house new windows.
You may vote for your favorite lighthouse, from a selection of ten. That's one of my top favorite lights to the left, but it's not on the list, which is fine, doesn't need the windows anyway.

Launching out in the deep, finding your way past rocks and currents that would wreck you and take you off track, finding a welcoming light -- all sorts of parallels to creative practice there. Also the fact that you may not actually recognize the light or know where it is exactly until you are close up on it.

Those who work the water have an uncertain life, as do artists. Music to go along with this idea could be this CD from the BBC series Voice of the People. You can hear the sea in these men's voices.

My Ship Shall Sail the Ocean

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