Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Creative practice: autumn to winter

The work of winter is both solitary and connected. The change from autumn to winter is that way too -- the turning leaf to the snow flake, the harvest festival to the quiet contemplation of over night rain and snow. It’s a good time for reflection, a time for growth as powerful, but quite different, from the leaping changes of early spring and the flowering of summer. As it is with those other seasons, though, there is potential for distraction or discouragement from the work at hand, and the season’s change. The music we explore here along the music road is good companion to guide you on the journey. You may wish to see Music Road: Matt & Shannon Heaton: Fine Winter's Night Music Road: now playing: Hanneke Cassel and Christopher Lewis: Calm the Raging Sea Jay Ungar and Molly Mason’s Harvest Home. Titles including The Farmer's Set, Haymaker's Hoedown, and Bound For Another Harvest Home give the clue about this music which it at once both reflective and joyous. Ungar is a fiddler, Mason is a guitarist, and they’ve a lovely dialog going here of music which reaches beyond the fall season but is very fitting for it.

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