Monday, January 11, 2010

creative practice: silence

The space between notes, the silence between words, the rests, the white space on the page -- all of these are as much tools of creation as are notes, words, line, and melody. It is in listening to the silences as much as to notes and words that you reach the the heart of things

Winter days and winter’s eves invite their own sort of silence, and there’ll be more to say about that in the coming days here along the music road.

You could apply these ideas to all the music we’ve spoken of here, and I encourage you to look back over your favorite piece with this in mind.

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Blogger Alexandra Grabbe said...

In theater, I think they call this "a beat", right?

5:59 PM  
Blogger kerry dexter said...

I think they do -- or that moment at the end of a piece of music before people start to applaud. longer rests are good too of course.

how are things on the cape?

7:56 PM  

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