Saturday, April 07, 2012

music and contemplation: Lament of the Three Marys

A time for change and contemplation: both those things mark this season.

One of the songs that resonates with this time of year is Lament of the Three Marys, in Irish Coaineadh Na dTri Muire. It’s a story, sung in Irish, of Mary searching for her son.

Saint Peter tells her he;s on the road to Calvary. When she finds him, she says son, let me help you carry this, and he says, we each must carry our own cross. mother. When I hear this song, especially when I am present in the room with the singer, I see not only the Holy Week story, but the story of all the Irish who have sung this lament across the centuries.

The version I like best is from Cathie Ryan, who has recorded it on her album The Music of What Happens.

Iarla O’Lionaird has a slightly different version of it -- check out his backing musicians, too, in the video from Transatlantic Sessions

He has recorded it as well. on his album Seven Steps to Mercy

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