Thursday, August 23, 2012

songs & landscapes: Sarah McQuaid

Sarah McQuaid brings a confluence of landscapes to creating her music: she was born in Spain, grew up in Chicago, lived for some years in Ireland, and is now based in Cornwall in the southwest of England. She spends about six months of each year traveling the world with her music. McQuaid’s most recent recording, The Plum Tree And The Rose, finds her exploring ideas of changes, through stories which arise from history and from her own travels.

McQuaid is also a parent. The song she sings in this video comes from that place, as well.

Recently, I had the chance to write about The Plum Tree And The Rose at some length for A Traveler's Library and Perceptive Travel. In these two (different) stories you will find out about how a Renaissance hall and a cathedral inspired McQuaid to write two of the sarah mcquiad plum tree rosesongs on the album. You’ll also learn about a really fine song called In Gratitude I Sing, which was inspired by McQuaid's remembering the American holiday while far from North American shores.

McQuaid will be playing a number of concerts and also giving workshops on DADGAD guitar in the United States during September and October. Here is McQuaid's tour schedule.

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