Saturday, February 16, 2013

music and love

Love songs without words -- that’s what Jay Ungar and Molly Mason offer from most of the tracks on their recording Lovers' Waltz. Ungar plays fiddle, Mason guitar, bass and keyboards. The tile track, an original tune, is a a graceful evocation of the dance of love in in turns and travels. That was the centerpiece when the couple began to gather music for the album.

They have joined it with music from the Klezmer tradition, a Fats Waller song, A waltz from Finland, a Cajun two step, an Irish air, a bit of swing, and a tune that was played at their own wedding. The music comprises a narrative of sorts of the course of a romance. Whatever circumstance you might have in your own life, Mason and Ungar’s work here will offer you reflection both quiet and lively to go along.

You might also like to give a listen to Cathie Ryan’s take on Kate Rusby’s song Walk the Road, a story of friendship, love and encouragement.

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