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Road trip music

Music for a Cinco de Mayo road trip to the southwest: while there is a great deal of fine Mexican and Mexican American music to be heard. my one choice for you is Tish Hinojosa. Take a listen:

The border lands between the southwestern United States and northern Mexico are places where cultures of several sorts intersect, and where’s there long history of political, social, and cultural change on both side of the border. Those things find their expression in music as well.

History and culture play into the celebration of Cinco de Mayo. This day in early May is not Mexican independence day -- that is Diez y Seis, the sixteenth of September. Cinco de Mayo the anniversary of the battle of Puebla, in which Mexican forces, though outnumbered, defeated the French. Mexicans living across the border heard of this and celebrated, and so, Cinco de Mayo celebrations were born in the 1860s. It has become, across the years, a day to celebrate Mexican and Latin identity and community, especially in the United States and Canada.

Culture Swing is perhaps Hinojosa’s most well known album, but there are more than a dozen more to enjoy, music which illuminates her experiences as is as a first generation Mexican American in the southwest.

Aquella Noche, which is an all Spanish album, is a fine choice, as Homeland, with songs which speak of cowboys, border crossings, and growing up on the west side of town in San Antonio.Dreaming From The Labyrinth offers a mystical take on the voyages of explorers, on thoughts during a rainstorm, and on journey on God’s own open road. Our Little Planet, at this writing her most recent recording, finds her continuing to draw these threads of life and culture together with an artist's gift for idea, word, and melody.

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