Thursday, July 13, 2006

Celtic Connections

I had been thinking about the best way to start this blog when fellow writer Alllison Winn Scotch gave me a great a idea through a post on her new blog. Cereal! What does that have to do with music, you ask? (other than the crunching sounds...)
I was at the Celtic Connections music festival in Glasgow, Scotland, this January. A memorable part of that experience involved staying at McClay's Guesthouse in Renfrew Street, where I started each day by perfecting a method of layering cornflakes, muesli, and special K cereal (see Allison's blog for more on this art, and more kinds of cereal), which was a great addition to the full Scottish breakfast of beans, eggs, scones, toast, and tea. They didn't offer haggis.

What the trip did offer though was loads of great music, Scottish and otherwise, great connections of all sorts, and lots of new musical ideas. Irish superstar Mary Black to rising American singer songwriter Caroline Herring, Donegal supergroup Altan celebrating their 21st anniversary to Scots newcomers the Lori Watson 3 celebrating their second appearance at Celtic Connections, Glasgow native singer Eddi Reader to Armagh and Cork based instrumental quartet Buille -- those are just a very few of the range of musicians particpating, and the level of ideas flying around. Not to mention that you could easily hear half a dozen languages spoken in the audiences of any gig as music lovers from across the world joined in the celebration.

January. Glasgow. Way more than haggis.

stay tuned for more...on Glasgow, Celtic Connections, and especialy folk music, and maybe even haggis. did you know they make haggis flavored potato chips? the things one learns following the music...
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