Saturday, August 04, 2007

late summer: two for the road

At the end of summer, these two recordings keep claiming my attention. I find the songs good traveling companions at varied points along the journey, and I always learn something when I listen. That's as true when I hear each of these women in concert, as well, which I recommend to you.

Cathie Ryan The Farthest Wave Hope, healing, and change framed in a deep connection to the music and the landscapes of Ireland and America. The title track travels the path between grief and hope with grace and dignity, and the opening track, What's Closest to the Heart, is several sorts of invitation, in two languages, to risk it all. The rest of the album is as good. Ryan's other albums are equally fine and stay close to the playlist too.

Carrie Newcomer A Gathering of Spirits
Newcomer has been called a poet of the sacred ordinary. That works for the songs here, both serious and funny. Thanksgiving for hymns of geese and a smile in the checkout lane along with thoughts on vocation, the persistence of love, and overcoming hate. And daily walking the walk of love, taking the next step without necessarily knowing anything but trusting all. Newcomer's other recordings are well worth seeking out too.

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