Monday, August 27, 2007

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The Brendan Voyage

This is now reading, actually. It's a book. more on this in a bit...
as promised. Explorer adventurer Tim Severin set out from the Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry, in a leather and wood curragh, with 4 other men (later three), to see if the stories told in the 9th cenutry manuscript telling of St. Bredan's voyage and long thought to suggest the Irish reached America before the Vikings and before Columbus, could be true. Long and short of it, yes. Severin's Voayge took place in the late 1970s; Brendan's if one believes that, in the fourth century. Each worth reading about for connection and confrontation between people and nature, and one's own nature. They made it to Newfoundland -- Severin and his companions, that is, and if one follows on the evidence, Brendan and his too.

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