Friday, August 10, 2007

now playing: Terri Hendrix

Terri Hendrix has a direct and unique voice in folk music -- a combination of beat poet, political commentator, and insighful musician. She's been spreading the musical gospel for a good few years now, running her own record company and building a dedicated fan base that spans generations and countries. Along the way she's written a Grammy winning instrumental for the Dixie Chicks and created an award winning children's album, among other accomplishments . Her latest release, The Spiritual Kind, talks of friendship, change, love, acceptance, and connection in songs such as Acre of Land, If I Had a Daughter, and What Is the Color of the Soul, along with a right on cover of Pasures of Plenty.

The photograph over here to the right shows her with frequent band mates Paul Pearcy and Lloyd Maines one Austin summer night.

The Spiritual Kind

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