Monday, October 15, 2007

now playing: The Environment, on Blog Action Day

Today is what's called Blog Action Day. The subject is the environment. It's a project to bring varied and differing voices of bloggers together on one subject to reach their varied and differing audiences.

Music Road always celebrates and asks your respect for our natural world, and our human world.
Today, you're invited to
Read about
Adrienne Young, a Nashville based folk/country/bluegrass musician who believes in sustainable agriculture.

Check out the work of Canadian folk singer and songwriter Eileen McGann, who has written with both deep insight and engaging humor about the environment of Canada as one of the many facets of her work

Look here for commentary on how Irish music and Irish landscape are intertwined

Explore understated connections for healing between the human spirit and the natural world in Cathie Ryan's The Farthest Wave.

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