Tuesday, December 18, 2007

creative practice: winter light, and music

Thinking about the light, the work, and the music, of winter. A time for celebration and reflection, for community and silence, for hope and joy at the year's darkest time.

Amy Grant has a song, Breath of Heaven, in which she sees the questioning and the trust of that first Christmas winter from Mary's point of view

Carrie Newcomer has an album coming out in February called The Geography of Light. More about that here

Matt and Shannon Heaton have a holiday album which also works with these ideas. It’s called Fine Winter’s Night, and you may learn more about it here

Cathie Ryan has an album called The Farthest Wave, which speaks of grief, healing and, hope, and journeys from dark to light. Click on the title for review and comment on this album.

Narada’s Best of Celtic Christmas, Kathy Mattea’s Joy for Christmas Day, and several other holiday albums, offer music for the for the light and dark of winter. Learn more at this link.

and if you'd like to bake some bread and read a funny story to go along with all the winter contemplation, check out this article from Farmgirl Susan. A cup of Barry's Tea and bit of your own music would be good, too.

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