Sunday, December 30, 2007

music in images: a new year's conversation begins

Loads of album covers, stacks of original photographs of musicians, music, and of landscape, and a handful of press shots artists were kind enough to let me use: they are all here in this slide show. It's a widget from google/picasa that shows all the graphics on the site, I think in random order. I'll have more to say about looking back and looking forward over the year's time in music, and the year at Music Road (there's a best of 2007 list in a post below, for starters). This is one part of the conversation, which you are, of course, invited to join.

A note of thanks for all of you who have traveled along the music road this year. There are regular readers in Thailand, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Scotland, England, France, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Ireland, and Northern Ireland. We have recently had visitors from Russia, Latvia, Peru, and Mexico. In Canada, we've steady companions along the music road from Calgary, Lethbridge, St . John's, Halifax, Montreal, Edmonton, and Moncton, and recent visitors from St. Albert, Sudbury, Regina, Winnipeg, and Whitehorse. In the United States, we've regular readers in Sacramento, Austin, Cambridge, Reston, New York City, Livonia, Minneapolis, Nashville, Towson, Bloomington, and Santa Fe -- and this year, Santa Claus visited the music road more than once too, from his namesake town in Indiana. Thank you all

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