Friday, January 11, 2008

creative practice: clear

Creative practice requires loads of decisions, many of them taken alone. There's a process in the Quaker practice called the clearness committee, for seeking just that, clearness, hrough community. Here's a comment for reflection from the Penn Valley Society of Friends:

>>Clearness committees remind us that we are a community which ministers to each other. Dealing with weighty matters or coming to a decision in a difficult time can be lonely experiences. Asking the Ministry and Oversight Committee for the aid of a clearness committee is not a guarantee of an immediate and perfect answer. It does however begin a process of sharing a burden, reflecting on options, and listening together for a leading of Spirit. The purpose of the committee is not to give answers but to ask clarifying questions, to be fellow seekers, and to reflect the Light within the one who is struggling to find his or her way.
by Donnie Morehouse<<

The lyrics and the message that of Christmas hymn we've just finshed singing, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, would be a bit of music to go along.

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