Saturday, May 17, 2008

creative practice: silence, part one

A number of writers I know decided to celebrate the merry month of May by challenging themselves to post once a day (in some cases more) on their blogs. I decided not to join them.

For me, the silence is as important as the sound, and you need as much of one as you do of the other. Maybe that's because I write a lot about music, and visual arts, and matters of the spirit, and history, and landscape -- ot maybe not. In music what you do with the silence is as important as what you do with the words, with the sounds. There's also the whole idea, in several spiritual tradtions, of interior silence. There's white space, open space, in the visual arts and in landscape.

That's not to say these folks, fine writers all, are creating noise. They just approach their creativity differently than I do mine.

Here's a list of their blogs,
if you want to see how they are getting along. They write about all sorts of things, from lacrosse to writing tips.

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