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leahy live in gatineau

In Canada, music often includes themes, ideas, and styles from many of the peoples who settled there from other parts of the world. In Ontario, in particular, a good bit of the musical style arose from the cross connections among Irish, Scots, German, French, and Swedish immgrants -- and probably some for other countries as well -- who worked together by day in the lumber camps and at night entertained themselves by swapping tunes as well as creating new ones.

All this is background for the music of Leahy, a band of brothers and sisters led by fiddle playing dynamo Donnell. This dvd is the full package: a very fine concert recorded for public broadcasting; tunes from that show which didn't make the final cut of the program; several of the group's produced music videos, which haven't been seen much outside Canada, and behind the scenes interviews with the muscians and photos of them working togther as kids in an earlier incarnation of the Leahy family band. Guests include Donnell's wife, award winning Cape Breton style fiddler Natalie MacMaster. Among other things, the two of them play a tune they wrote for the guests at their wedding. It's good fun, with a few reflective tunes in the mix as well, from a group who, although they've opened for fellow Canadian Shania Twain on a number of her concerts, are not yet as well known outside Canada as they deserve to be.

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