Friday, May 30, 2008

professional biography writing

A well written professional biography helps you showcase your skills and can open doors for you. For musicians, artists, producers, writers, and other creative professionals, a well presented bio is often a far more useful career tool that a conventional resume. A brief professional biography is a tool to help you stand out, whatever your field.

To create yours, I will ask you several questions and we will have a conversation or two through e mail or by telephone. With more than two decades of experience as a professional writer and editor, I'll find your best professional stories, and distill them in ways which help you achieve your goals, creating a short (200 -300 word) biography for you.

Rates vary, depending on the project. I'm happy to discuss this with you.

Band, duo, and group enquiries, and enquiries concerning longer projects, are also welcome.

Evaluation of existing bio materials is also available.

Do you need liner notes for your CD or dvd, or perhaps a history of your event, building, or venue? I can help with those stories, too. Please enquire.

I work with artists based around the world, as well as in every part of the United States.

what others say:
about bio writing:
"Even though I'm a professional writer, I struggled to write my own artist profile. After hours of painful writing stretched over many days and weeks, I engaged Kerry Dexter to write one for me. With years of experience of working with artists of all kinds, she understands how to elegantly distill an artist's background, work and experiences into a skillfully crafted biography. The result? A profile that intrigues potential art buyers and gallery owners and shows a peek of my personality. If you need a professional artist profile or biography, contact Kerry. You'll be as thrilled as I am with the result."

Melanie McMinn
Fibre Artisan and Writer, New Zealand and

about editorial writing
“When it came to music journalists, Kerry was always one of my favorites: responsive and honest, and with an uncanny ability to illuminate the subject at hand. She approached each piece with open ears and a willingness to listen both to the music and to the artists' thoughts...first rate!” Brad San Martin former Director of Publicity, Compass Records

"Kerry really made me feel as though I were sitting in that sun warmed kitchen with the artist."
Susan Hartman, editor, folk music magazine Dirty Linen

For more information or to schedule a consultation about your project, please write to me at riosur at aol dot com, with ‘biography query’ in the subject line. I look forward to hearing from you.
Kerry Dexter

Kerry Dexter is an experienced writer, photographer, and producer. Her work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, Strings, Symphony, Ireland and the Americas, and other print and broadcast media. She's the music editor at Wandering Educators and former folk music editor at Barnes and Noble Online and VH1.

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