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now playing: Cape Breton Radio Live take 02

Cape Breton Radio Live Take 02

The music of Cape Breton is a music of community, a joining of hands, hearts, melody and tradition formed and forged by life in the northeastern reaches of Atlantic Canada. For one thing, that makes it often joyous and lively, an aspect in full force in the CD Cape Breton Live radio take 02.

Internationally known musicians are included here, among them Natalie Macmaster, Buddy MacMaster, Mary Jane Lamond, Jerry Holland, Donnell Leahy, and Kimberly Fraser. The key word, though, might be included: each and all, they join with fellow Cape Bretoners in sets that celebrate and carry forward the Celtic/Canadian mix that is Cape Breton music. There are fourteen sets on this disc, all recorded live at places ranging from the Civic Center at Port Hawkesbury to St. Mary’s parish Hall in Glendale to Andrea Beaton’s house in Judique. All of the tracks are worth hearing, and more than once, for the great melodies and the interaction amongst the players. That is true whether you are an old hand at the music of Cape Breton or exploring it for the first time -- either way, you’ll be drawn in by the spirit, creativity, and generosity of these artists as they share there music. There’s an especially fine set of strathspeys and reels on highland pipes and piano by Kenneth MacKenzie and Jackie Dunn MacIsaac, respectively, a really nice set taken in full energy during square dance, West Mabou Jigs, the voice of Gaelic singing from Jeff MacDonald back by Mary Jane Lamond and Rona Lightfoot, and to close things out, that session in Andrea Beaton’s house, with, among other things, six fiddles.

You may find out more about this CD, and its predecessor, Cape Breton Live take 01 at Cape Breton Live’s web site

There’s more about that earlier CD here too: now playing: Cape Breton Live

Today, 1 July, is Canada Day. In honor of that, we salute all the fine Canadian musicians noted above, along with Ian Tyson, Terri Clark, Maria Dunn, Wendy MacIsaac, Eileen McGann, Eve Goldberg, Garnet Rogers, Jesse Winchester, Brad Fordham, Cathy Smith, Cheryl Smith, Sylvia Tyson, Anne Murray, Troy MacGillivray, Gordie Sampson, Leahy, The McDades, The Be Good Tanyas, Shania Twain, the Celtic Colours Festival, and all those who work in music and call Canada home.

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