Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Garnet Rogers: All That Is

All That Is

The taste of salt in the air and the vision of hard working people who make their livings and their lives from the sea, the uncertainty of certain change, the traveler’s dreams of home on a midnight highway, the celebration of a long love and the grieving at the loss of friend and brother : all these are stuff of the warp and weft of human life, a weaving that Canadian singer and songwriter Garnet Rogers has down in this ten song recording. Rogers, younger brother of folk music icon Stan Rogers, is perhaps better known in Canada and along the northern borders of the United States than he is in the rest of North America, but his music, and his singing (think Gordon Lightfoot) merit a wider audience. He’s shared stages with artists including Mary Chapin Carpenter and Bill Monroe, whose styles bookend the ideas and the music found here. “Even his angry songs are full of love,” writes fellow musician Greg Brown in the liner notes. Indeed. Give a listen.

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