Monday, July 07, 2008

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At Least That Much Was True

Jeff Talmadge’s songs fit that classic definition of a good country song: they are three minute movies.

They aren't’ exactly country songs, although it’s easy enough to imagine Suzy Bogguss, for example, covering the jazz tinged Chet Baker Street, or Keith Urban in a reflective moment taking on Austin When It Rains. These are straightforward poetry, songs of introspection, sometime, songs which see things while standing in another's shoes sometimes, and all with an economy of language and a depth of perception that also do another thing required of that three minute movie of a good song: they alter the way you see the world around you just a little bit. There’s the deep blue loss in Let Her Go, two different views of home and how we get there, and how we know we are there, in Wrong Train and Austin When it Rains, and then there’s White Cross, vividly rooted in imagery that’s familiar and yet unafraid to raise unanswered questions too.

Talmadge knows just how to offer his songs in a way that leaves space enough for your to consider those questions, too. If you enjoy Eliza Gilkyson’s work, or Chris Smither’s, ot Gretchen Peters’, then you’ll be right at home with Jeff Talmadge.

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