Thursday, November 27, 2008

Trilogy: 2000 Years of Christmas

Eileen McGann, David K, and Cathy Smith are all Canadian musicians with fine and flourishing careers. Sometimes, they join up for a series of holiday shows, and one year tpey out this on record, calling their group Trilogy and the recording 2000 Years of Christmas. Both humor and sadness, ancient hymns and the Grinchnew world celebrations and old world customs come into play in this thoughtful, engaging collection. The three offer some knock out three and two part harmony, too, as well as each taking the lead on several songs. There are hymns and carols, such as O Magnum Mysterium and The Huron Carol, contemporary pieces such as Christmas in the Trenches, and some very fine originals, including McGann’s Turn It Around and the hilarious Snow Shanty.

one place to find out more is
McGann's website. The Irish Canadian songwirter is
pictured at left.

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