Saturday, December 13, 2008

third sunday in advent

Sometimes, it’s harder for us to forgive ourselves than to forgive another. At times, it’s a challenge to see that is what’s needed. Thinking over misunderstandings with a friend, I realized that we have forgiven each other, and I was still going over the old situations in my mind. What did I need to learn from these that I’d not already figured out? Nothing, I quickly realized. Why not, I asked myself, think over the good things in this friendship and reinforce those in my mind and heart? That is what I did and what I taught when I managed teams in broadcasting -- build on the good stuff. Takes discipline, personally and professionally. But, for me, anyway, it’s become part of the preparation that’s included in the idea of advent

music to go along with this idea

Gretchen Peters: Northern Lights

Kathy Mattea: Joy for Christmas Day

Matt & Shannon Heaton: Fine Winter's Night

Carrie Newcomer: The Geography of Light

cathie ryan: the farthest wave

also, an note of congratulations to Duncan Chisholm, and Emily Smith who were honored at the Scots Trad Awards last week, he for best album, she for best Scots singer, Good wishes to the two of them, whose albums have been reviewed here, and to all the winners.

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