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songs of place: Canada

Ten songs with a place name in the title or content which is about a place: that was how travel writers Sophia Dembling and Jenna Schnuer started the discussion they've been hosting about songs for road trips over at Flyover America at World Hum. Many people have commented -- I’ve added a few from folk and bluegrass -- but it also occurred to me while reading the choices that they are, with the exception of one excursion I’ve seen to Mexico, all about the United States. Up Canada! I started to think. Here are ideas for songs of Canadian places.

*Alberta Bound from Gordon Lightfoot is not only a great song but a great sing along song for a road trip, as is
*Four Strong Winds from Ian Tyson
*Rolling Home Canadian from Eileen McGann takes in the Maritimes, Laurentians, the Shield, the Plains -- it’s about the Canadian Pacific Railway
*Canadian Railroad Trilogy, from Gordon Lightfoot. Every time I fly from Ireland to the United States I get to a point where the landscape out the window makes ‘up the Saint Lawrence all the way to Gaspe’ play in my mind.
*The Island, from the Barra MacNeils, is about Cape Breton
*We Were Good People, from Maria Dunn, is set in Edmonton
*Farewell Nova Scotia, from Ian and Sylvia
*Yellowhead to Yellowstone, from Ian Tyson
*Un Canadien Errant, Ian & Sylvia
*Two Rivers, Ian & Sylvia
*Apple Blossom Tyme, Aengus Finnan

What would you add?

photograph is from a concert at the firehouse/community center in Big Pond on Cape Breton

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Blogger kerry dexter said...

another Gordon Lightfoot song: Christian Island, Georgian Bay

4:44 PM  
Blogger About the book said...

My favorite song about Canada is by Joni Mitchell. I don't know the name but it starts, "Canada, oh Canada..." It's gorgeous.

9:28 AM  
Blogger Authentic Seacoast Resorts said...

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10:21 AM  

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