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Tish Hinojosa: Our Little Planet

Our Little Planet

Tish Hinojosa has always been an adventurous musician, combining her interests in country and folk music with her heritage as as a first generation Mexican American. Texas, New Mexico, the borderlands, northern Mexico and life on the road are all part of her musical imagination here, as are country music, swing, polka, and folk ballad, along with love songs and songs of social justice and social commentary. That sounds like a lot of ground to cover in one record, and it is. Hinojosa has long been adept at getting all these ideas and flavors to work together for her unique vision of life, though. Twenty one years ago the title cut of her first recording, Taos to Tennessee, framed love, journeys, and choices in southwestern mountain landscapes and the scent of pinon fires; the title track of this latest one sees her looking for and finding hope and connection amidst life’s changes and challenges while swirling across the dance floor to a polka beat, and in two languages.

Hinojosa offers clear eyed comment on the way of the world today in We Mostly Feel That Way, a song which includes fine accordion work from Chip Dolan and outstanding duet singing from Rosie Flores. What Our Hearts Can’t Say is an understated and quietly reflective love song set in vivid descriptions of the natural world. Roadsongs and Bygones finds the artist riding down the road looking at the changes in the countryside the and thinking about the deeper lessons to be taken from looking at the passing scenes; Mi Pueblo, with very fine duet singing and violin work from Carrie Rodriguez, finds the singer considering the pull and the power of love through life’s journeys.

It’s a fine next step for Hinojosa, who two decades into her career has never sounded better. She co produced the project with long time musical collaborator Marvin Dykhuis, who shows up on backing vocals and about a dozen different instruments -- really. Hinojosa will be touring behind the US release of the record this summer: catch her live if you get the chance.

Hinojosa’s tour schedule is availble at her website

An extended interview with Hinojosa including comments on the making of Our Little Planet is available in print in the current issue of the folk and world music magazine Dirty Linen. More about where to find that here.

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Anonymous vera Marie Badertscher said...

Texas, New Mexico and ARIZONA. Although I live along the border, I'm woefully ignorant of borderlands music, so thanks for this introduction.

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