Saturday, January 02, 2010

happy new year, thanks, and Robert Burns

Thank you for coming along the music road this year. Many of you have been with us in the years since the beginning, four years ago now, and some of you are finding us for the first time today. Thank you for reading and for being part of the community, and as always, you're invited to stay awhile and explore.

You may like to know that in the past year, you've been joined by readers from each state in United States. We’ve long had faithful visitors in Massachusetts, Michigan, Texas, Minnesota, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, and New York, and this year North and South Dakota, West Virginia, and Idaho have made themselves heard as well. In Canada, we’ve had friends across the Maritimes, and in Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta since the beginning of things here, and this year the prairie provinces and the NWT have joined us as well. Many readers come from from Ireland [though... Donegal and Down, miss you] and many from Scotland, with a special shout out to our friends in Glasgow and a welcome to new visitors from Aberdeen and Inverness this year. Germany, Norway, Spain, Italy, Australia, The Netherlands and New Zealand are home to longtime readers. Ever since this journey began we’ve had regular visitors from Thailand, and this year quite a few people from across Asia and South America, as well as Africa, have stopped by. Iceland has been heard from as well, along with Belarus and Latvia, and indeed every country in western Europe and many in the Middle East .

In 2009 Music Road was nominated as best music blog and several posts for best post in the Irish Blog Awards, mentioned in Intelligent Traveler from National Geographic Traveler and in Things We Like Reading from Poetry Ireland, and named as a featured best of the web blogger at Lonely Planet. Thank you to all who helped those recognitions come about, and welcome to all who have found Music Road through those ways. A special welcome too, and thanks, to all those who have found us because a friend recommended Music Road.

Here’s to a bright new year for us all, and more miles. songs, and tunes along the music road. Below is a video from Celtic Connections 2009, a moment in the Royal Glasgow Concert Hall which had and has its own way of reaching across Scotland, and across the world.

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