Tuesday, February 23, 2010

sorting it out

you may notice that the path along Music Road looks a bit odd at the moment...some format problems cropped up unexpectedly, and we're working to fix them.

if you've come here to judge for the Irish Blog Awards, welcome, and sorry for difficulties this may be causing for you.

to help with that while we're sorting this out, here is a post with links to a number of articles which may be of interest
Music Road: Saint Bridgid's day: music & legend
and here are several more
Music Road: Lovers' Well: Matt & Shannon Heaton
Music Road: ceol chairlinn: sharing music in winter
Music Road: a bouquet of Celtic love songs & tunes

links to recent posts and the archive links seem to be working well at present. links will take you to stories, but on occasion a bit of odd formatting at side bar and bottom of page. on some browsers, you'll still need to scroll ot the bottom of the page to find sidebar links.

thanks for your patience and understanding, back now to working on sorting it out...
update: progress made. think you'll be able to find all that interests you now. please let me know if you'd like assistance locating something.

further update -- fixed for some browsers, for others, sidebar links still showing up at bottom of page. instead of to side. still sorting this out.

and meanwhile, congratulations to our friends at Irish Fireside, Ireland's National Rural Network, and Wandering Educators, also up for Irish Blog Awards -- which will be given out in Galway this year, on 27 March.

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