Thursday, July 01, 2010

Celebrating Canada: Gordon Lightfoot

Though not all of Gordon Lightfoot's songs come from the landscapes of Canada, you can hear the prairie and the plains, the wilderness and the cities, the sea coasts and the forests, through his work. Gord's Gold is a fair introduction, or reintroduction, to his work.

If you are thinking who is Gordon Lightfoot anyway? perhaps the country blues of the song Sundown, the road song Carefree Highway, or the bittersweet love song If You Could Read My Mind will jog your memory. They are all on this twenty one track collection, along with several fine songs anchored in Canadian history and place including Canadian Railroad Trilogy and Early Morning Rain, as well as others you may know such as Cotton Jenny, Cold on the Shoulder, and Bitter Green.

Two other Gordon Lightfoot songs of Canada well worth your listening didn’t make it to this collection: Alberta Bound and Christian Island (Georgian Bay). For those, give a listen to the album Don Quixote.

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