Friday, November 19, 2010

Autumn music: preparation and presence

The week before Advent begins, Thanksgiving is coming, a friend's birthday soon, thinking about and organizing journeys long and short, and creative work asking for differing sorts of focus. A season of turning, a time of preparation, and of being present in the moment.

Two songs that go along with this time of the year, for me,
each in its own way is about mystery:

The Castle Of Dromore from Cherish the Ladies, with Heidi Talbot singing lead, and I Do Not Know Its Name, from Carrie Newcomer.

These photographs are from a place not often associated with the turning leaves of autumn, the north and west of Florida. Tallahassee, to be specific.
tallahassee autumn copyright kdexter
tallahassee autumn 2 copyright kerry dexter
tallahassee autumn3 copyright kerry dexter

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photographs copyright Kerry Dexter

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Anonymous wandering educators said...

kerry - such beautiful photos, and music. i always forget that fall is such a time of change, personally and landscape-wise. thanks for the reminder.

11:56 AM  

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