Tuesday, April 26, 2011

silence and music

Musicians often have a practice of taking a moment of reflection before going on stage. This may be, literally, a moment, which isn’t apparent to anyone but the musician, or it may be a shared time with others working the gig. That moment of interior silence, of centering, then flows out into the music. Here are three moments of stillness within the sound.

lauren maccoll with fiddle copyright kerry dexter
laoise kelley in glasgow copyright kerry dexter
cathie ryan in ennis copyright kerry dexter

the artists here are
Cathie Ryan, with bodhran
Laoise Kelley, with harp
Lauren MacColl, with fiddle

photographs taken at the Tron, in Glasgow, Scotland, and Glor Music Center in Ennis, Republic of Ireland and were made with permission of the artists, and are copyrighted. thank you for respecting this.

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Anonymous Dominique said...

Now that you mention this, I remember it as something you'll often see in documentary footage taken backstage at various concerts. Performers may huddle for a few moments for a brief prayer or meditation or simply stand in silence as they take a deep breath just before heading onto the stage.
As always, thanks for the beautiful images.

8:25 AM  

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