Thursday, June 28, 2012

music and connection: landscapes and listeners

It has been very Irish weather around here this last while, though I am not in Ireland at present. Grey clouds, cool winds, drizzles of rain and then the wind blowing out the clouds now and then to a patch of blue sky... and then dark clouds leading to authentic southern United States summer downpours, too.

The different casts of light and look of the skies has been reminding me how memory and presence infuse all things if we chose to notice them For each of us it differs, but music is a way of creating a shared atmosphere of presence and experience.

cooley sunset ireland copyright kerry dexter

From singing around the kitchen table to being in a great hall with a fine orchestra playing to an outdoor festival under sunny -- or rainy -- skies, music connects us, to own hearts and spirits, and to each other.

Music through which to explore these ideas further

India to Indiana in song and image
Alison Brown: The Company You Keep
music of Donegal: Altan: The Poison Glen -Gleann Nimhe

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