Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thinking about songs: Eddi Reader and Moon River

Eddi Reader is a Scot, a native of Glasgow. Though she first rose to wide acclaim as the singer with the pop group Fairground Attraction while living in London, she eventually decided the land north of Hadrian’s Wall was calling her home.

There, Reader has found success both with writing her own music and in interpreting the songs of contemporary writers as well as those of Robert Burns. I’ve had the good fortune to interview her twice.

One of the points she made during those conversations was that she’s always thought of herself as a folk singer: she’s never lost that approach to seeking out and creating music that connects and really has something to say, holding this to be equally true through her days in London and her presenting of the songs of Robert Burns with orchestras.

That is one reason I was intrigued to come across this video of Eddi Reader singing Moon River. Sounds like it could be part of the folk tradition to me, just as at home in that place as it is on Broadway and in film.

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Blogger Olivr said...

Moon River has always been a fave song of people I grew up with.

1:31 AM  

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