Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stories to remember -- a revisit

A while back, I was invited to take part in Seven Links, an initiative started by TripBase with the idea of highlighting posts in seven quite varied categories, articles that perhaps new readers may have missed and regular visitors might be interested to be reminded about. At the moment , I am publishing this post again as a test of a new interface on my publishing platform. I appreciate your understanding -- and I hope you’ll find the stories mentioned here of interest.

Wandering Educators and A Traveler’s Library both nominated me to take part. I encourage you to learn about their sites

here are my seven stories. I hope you enjoy hearing these stories for the first time, or revisiting them. Your comments, of course, are most welcome

most popular

this rather short essay with words and photographs shows a bit about what I think of Irish music and the island of Ireland, beyond the stereotypes. it’s been up for years and still draws in buckets of readers -- if you haven’t read it in a while (or ever) maybe it’s time Irish music, Irish landscape

most beautiful

photographing musicians at work helps me think about music, and is an art on its own. you’ll find many posts on photographing music along the Music Road.

Here’s is one of my favorites of those Celtic Connections 2011: images, part two

and this is one about a concert where words and image came together especially well, I think Another Fine Winter's Night: Matt & Shannon Heaton

most helpful

through five years of writing here, I’ve done more than few practical guides and lists, which people always enjoy. I chose this, one, however, because it helps you think about an important aspect of life and music from a different angle -- another thing I write about often. rest in music


the bodhran can be a controversial instrument. here’s a story... bodhran

and then there was

a choice (not having to do with bodhrans) I made during the a US presidential debate listening through the changes ...

a post which didn’t get the attention I felt it deserved

energy, heart, creativity, history, joy:: you may not understand the languages in which they sing in but you will understand all that nonetheless all that from their music Dual: Julie Fowlis & Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh

surprising success

Indiana based Americana songwriter Carrie Newcomer often makes her points quietly. I am glad this helped quite a few hear her. Carrie Newcomer: Before & After

proud of

just go listen to this music, which, if I’ve done my part right, is what you will want to do. Cathie Ryan: The Farthest Wave

Part of this process is to pass the idea along by nominating others to join in, and encouraging you to go read their work. Whether they write on seven links or not, these people write articles worth reading

Irish Fireside

Sue Dickman writes about India, books, blueberry pies, and other things A Life Divided

Jackie Dishner takes your on adventures geographical and thoughtful atBike with Jackie

Shannon Heaton writes with grace and humor about being a musician and learning to be a new mother at Leap Little Frog

Sarah Henry brings Bay Area perspective with an Australian twist to her stories about good food and the people care about it atLettuce Eat Kale

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