Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Song for autumn: Mary Black & Steve Cooney: Just a Journey

Steve Cooney, Australian songwriter long writer resident in Ireland, captures the mystery in the landscape and life of both places in his song Just a Journey.

“we are wheat for the bread, we are wind and fire...”

“just a journey of a spirit through a lifetime’s changing...”

are just a few of the phrases which offer new perspective each time one hears the song. It has also always struck me as a song particularly suited for the turn of seasons in autumn. A song with a distinct story to tell yet plenty of room for the listener to bring his or her own stories to the telling as well.

Mary Black sings it here, with Steve Cooney on guitar and backing vocals. You may also find a recording of it, along with a raft of other fine songs, on Black’s two disc set Best Of Mary Black Volume 2

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Blogger Vera Marie said...

The lyrics are so poetic!

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Sheryl said...

Really nice, lyrical music!

2:57 PM  

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