Monday, January 07, 2013

music and the new year

 fire in ireland copyright kerry dexter

It is a time of year for resolutions, changes, and making lists. It is also often quite a shift from the warmth of connection and the quiet reflective days called forth by the major winter holidays. As you move into the work and life of the new month and this new year, music can serve as a companion and encouragement for exploration. Let it also be a reminder to keep the warmth and reflection and good things about the holidays alive in your heart and life as you take your next steps.

and to add to your plans for this new year, support live music. Go to a concert or a festival, and bring a friend or two along.

music to go along with these ideas
over at A Traveler’s Library in repsonse to a request for a story to fit in with a week of best of lists, I offer a list fo best music for journeys real and spiritual
you may also wish to see my choices for best music, 2012
and this music, silence, and spiritual journey

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Blogger Vera Marie said...

I'm following your advice and have made reservations to go to one concert and am working on a 2nd one.(flamenco)

10:21 PM  

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