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Scotland, Americana, & inspiration: Kyle Carey

Songwriter and singer Kyle Carey has spent time in Scotland, in the west of Ireland, in the Appalachian mountains, on Cape Breton in Atlantic Canada, in New England. From all those places and experiences, she creates music she’s named Gaelic Americana.

You may hear the creative and thoughtful ways Carey puts tis into practice on her first album Monongah. She’s built an international touring career with this music. With a songwriting residency which allowed her time to create new songs and plan others, she’s on track to record her second album, which she intends to call North Star.

click on the album cover to hear samples of the music from Monongah

She has the songs for North Star in mind, and she has signed on fellow musician Seamus Egan (you’ve met him here along the music road before, in his work with Solas and with Cathie Ryan) as producer, and she has plans to do the recording itself during the Celtic Connections Festival, a circumstance that will allow her a natural way to draw on the talents of musicians who gather in Glasgow for this event.

What Carey is doing now is raising finds to do this. At this writing she has about two thirds of her goal amount pledged to her project. It is a Kickstarter project, which means, among other things, that unless she meets the full goal amount, she won’t receive any of it.

Were you thinking about getting the new album anyway? Pledging to order now through this campaign will help Kyle Carey make North Star happen. There are other amounts to pledge. Most come with rewards. The deadline is early November. Learn more about Kyle Carey’s project.

Whether or not it is the right time for you to join in financially, one thing you could do -- help get the word out about this recording project. Inviting people to read this article is one way to do that.

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