Sunday, December 01, 2013

First week in advent

Advent. Four Sundays and a midnight clear, a season of preparation, expectation, connection. A season of dreaming of Christmas to come and recalling Christmas past. A time for resolution, for forgiveness, for peace, for finding quiet and reflection amidst the world’s demands. A time for finding joy and a time for fining ways to bring the love, trust, and creativity of the season through the days and years to come.

You might like to learn about
A family tradition which helped me understand Advent when I was a small child first week in Advent: music and journey

A welcoming and thoughtful holiday tradition in Ireland, which has spread to many places across the world -- and a fine song about it too Music for the first week in Advent: candle in the window

Very fine seasonal music from one of the best groups in Irish -- any other -- music Winter music from Cherish the Ladies: storytellers in song and tune

Music to go along with these ideas, both seasonal and not
Autumn music from Childsplay
Winter Tidings: An Appalachian Christmas from Al Petteway and Amy White
Cathie Ryan: Through Wind and Rain

and a bit of holiday listening from Altan

photograph is by Kerry Dexter, and is copyrighted. thank you for respecting this

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