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Explore the Elements

Rhythm, tone, melody, cadence, word choice, story telling, heritage: those are the sort of elements we most often discuss here along the music road. For the moment, though, I invite you to take a look at images that evoke the physical elements of earth, water, air, and fire -- which of course have their place in the stories of music, as well. This is in response to a challenge set by Thomas CookUK (note: this challenge is now closed). Further down you will find about how you could respond to this challenge yourself -- and a few ideas of music to go along.

Rather than grandeur, I chose intimacy to frame these elements. Winter in Cooley, in Ireland, suggests intimacy to me, and always welcomes me home.

Earth: the rock of this mountain is millions of years old; mist rises anew each winter morning

Air: what does this have to do with air? look closely and you will see the snowflakes falling...

Water: there are many peaceful scenes of the waterside in this place, and rolling waves as well - and there are times when the wind down from the mountains meets up with the waves, producing this

Fire: mysterious and welcoming one in the same -- and welcome after winter snow, mist, and water

One of the requirements from Thomas CookUK is that five other writers be nominated to take on this challenge. Whether they choose to explore the elements or not, I think you will find their ideas and images of interest.

Jessie at Journey to Scotland
Corey at Irish Fireside
Irene at More Time to Travel
Vera at A Traveler’s Library
Shannon at Leap Little Frog

and the challenge itself this challenge is now closed: details at Thomas CookUK

Music ideas to go along
Shadow and Light: Irish Music from John Doyle
Music and Mystery: Conversation with Carrie Newcomer
Listening to Ireland: Patrick season

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Blogger Vera Marie said...

Oh my, what gorgeous photos. You've set the bat veey high, ok ndeed. i'll search through my archives and see if I have anything worth showing, but kind of doubt it.

11:35 AM  

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