Friday, March 25, 2016

Music and seasons of change

It is the turn of seasons just now, on the Northern hemisphere winter to spring, which might bring clear days and brisk night -- or rain, or blizzards, or snow or scudding clouds, or all of these. A time for contemplating change, for marking Easter, Passover, and other holidays heralding renewal.

Musicians think about these things too.

Speaking of change: Emily Smith, from Scotland, explores that idea with Americana writer Darrell Scott’s song The Open Door. She has recorded it on her album called Echoes.

Cathie Ryan looks at the story of Good Friday with a reworking of song often sung in Ireland on that day, Lament of the Three Marys. It is on her album The Music of What Happens.

Further on the contemplative side, the four women of RANT Fiddles offer the tune East Church, which was composed by Lauren MacColl who is a member of the quartet. It is on their album RANT, which was recorded in East Church, Cromarty.

Carrie Newcomer considers change, growth, loss, connection, and faith in the space of a song called The Clean Edge of Change. Change and edges of time, place, learning, time... Newcomer has recorded the song on her album called The Geography of Light.

Music can be the best of companions in times of change. Take a listen, and explore.

Photographs by Kerry Dexter. Thank you for respecting copyright.

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