Monday, March 21, 2016

Other roads: stories from Perceptive Travel

Music, landscape. legend, connection, heritage, history: each of those things comes into the music I share with you here along the music road.

Landscape and journey are more often the focus of what I write over at Perceptive Travel, where I am one of six writers. As we mark the ninth anniversary of Perceptive Travel this week, I thought you who read here at Music Road might enjoy seeing some of the ways I have included perspectives from music and musicians in stories I have done for that publication.

In Rathlin Island: history, landscape, legend meet I invite you to a place off the coast of County Antrim in Northern Ireland. You have met Cathie Ryan and Mary Black here along the music road several times; they both have connections to Rathlin. Their comments and music are included in the story

There’s mention of some of the fine musicians who call Caithness, Sutherland, Wester Ross, Easter Ross and the Black Isle home in this journey through Scotland’s North.

Though she handled things with her usual understated grace in music and flashes of humor along with it at her concert it was still quite something to be there on The Falls Road as Cathie Ryan spent An Evening in Belfast a few years back.

Seasons are on the turn as I write this, which has me remembering this short piece -- and yes, it has links to music too-- with reflections on traveling in spring and in Donegal in Ireland’s far northwest stopping by Wildflowers and a Wall.

When you go over to Perceptive Travel to read these, I invite you to stay a while and look around. You will find stories from Singapore, India, Israel, Texas, Istanbul, Boston, Edinburgh, Louisville, Nova Scotia, North Uist, and many other places, and much more to explore.

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