Monday, July 06, 2009

Creative practice: the music of what happens

There is an old folk tale from the Fenian Cycle of Irish mythology, in which the Fianna-Finn are talking of music. "What is the finest music in the world?" asked Fionn of his son, Oisin. "The cuckoo calling from the tree that is highest in the hedge," he answered. They went around the room, and each told what music they believed to be finest. One said the belling of a stag across the water, another the baying of a tuneful pack heard in the distance, and others believed the finest music to be the sound of a lark, the laughter of a girl, and the whisper of a loved one. "They are good sounds all," said Fionn. "Tell us," one of them asked him, "what do you think?" "The music of what happens," said Fionn, "that is the finest music in the world."
-Cathie Ryan

The Music of What Happens

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