Tuesday, May 20, 2008

now playing: Zoe Conway

Are you familiar with the music of Irish fiddle player/ violinist Zoe Conway? She’s played at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, toured with Riverdance, and won the All Ireland senior fiddle championship, so you might be. For some reason though, the County Louth native seems to be less well known in America than in Europe. She’s got a gift for tone and phrasing, and often presents a classical piece or two along with the Americana and Irish and Scots trad with which she fills her gigs. I had the chance to see her play at Saint Andrew’s in the Square, a historic church which has been restored to a concert venue, during Celtic Connections this winter. The video below will give you a bit of an idea of what some of that sounded like. If you enjoy the work of other fiddlers you've met along the music road -- Athena Tergis, say, or Mark O’Connor, or Hanneke Cassel, then give Conway’s own distinct style a listen.

more about Conway at her website.

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