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Kerry Dexter

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Kerry Dexter is an independent writer, editor, and photographer in the US, Scotland, and Ireland. She is an expert on folk and world music (especially the Celtic and Americana sort), holds degrees in history and visual arts, and writes about these subjects, as wells as travel (especially in Ireland, Scotland, and North America) and creative practice.

Her work has appeared in print, online, and in broadcast media at National Geographic Traveler, USA Today, Strings, Ireland and the Americas, CMT, Symphony, Princeton Review handbooks, The Music Hound Guides, Wandering Educators, Songwriter’s Market, Perceptive Travel, and The Dictionary of American History, among other publications, and her background includes being folk music editor at and Barnes and Noble Music Online, and long time contributing writer to folk and world music print magazine Dirty Linen.

She writes about music and creative practice at Music Road. She is also the Music Editor at Wandering Educators, where she writes a monthly column. She is an editor at Journey to Scotland and an Ireland Expert at Irish Travel KIt, and is a regular contributor to Perceptive Travel. Irish Fireside, and A Traveler's Library. She has also written artist biographies for several record labels and independent artists.

kerry dexterHer work is informed as much by walking the hills of Donegal, the Sangre de Cristo mountains of New Mexico, the highlands of Scotland, the sea coasts of Atlantic Canada and the piney wood hills of north Florida as it is by academic background in history, visual arts, and the humanities. In addition to writing about music and musicians, she writes about travel, architecture, education, spiritual and creative practice, and history.

Dexter is also a photographer (her work has been published in Symphony, The Providence Journal, Perceptive Travel, Ireland Travel Kit and other places) and an experienced producer and project co ordinator in broadcasting and the arts. She offers workshops, consulting, and one on one coaching on preparing and evaluating press materials, creative practice and vocation in the arts, and other subjects. More on these to come, but at present, your enquiries are most welcome.

To learn more, please write to Kerry at riosur [at] aol [dot] com

recent news: Perceptive Travel, to which Kerry is one of five regular contributors (her subjects are most often music, the arts, and history) has won a Lowell Thomas Award -- a Gold one, the highest level -- for quality of writing and photography, breadth and depth of coverage, and audience engagement. The awards are given by The Society of American Travel Writers Foundation.

*selected articles and photo essays

from Music Road

Scotland's Music: Breabach: Frenzy of the Meeting
Ireland, Scotland, Story, and Connection: Allt from Julie Fowlis, Eamon Doorley, Zoe Conway, and John McIntyre
Scotland's Music: Karen Matheson: Family, Gaelic, and Story
Music for the Heart of Winter with Cathie Ryan
Classical violinist (and Scotswoman) Nicola Benedetti on her career, music, and education
Gaelic singer Julie Fowlis:Gach Sgeul/Every Story
India to Indiana: Everything Is Everywhere from Carrie Newcomer
Another Fine Winter's Night: Matt & Shannon Heaton
Cathie Ryan: Irish and American
Work of autumn: music
Gretchen Peters: Northern Lights
Ceol Chairlinn: sharing music in winter
intersections: words, music, and Robert Burns
Irish music, Irish landscape

at Perceptive Travel

Murals of Glasgow
Scotland's Coasts and Waters: a magic celebration re-imagined
Glasgow in Six Statues
Six Places to See the Future in the past: Exploring Historic Preservation
Exploring Cape Breton Island through Celtic Colours
Northern Ireland: History, Landscape, Legend, and Music Meet on Rathlin Island
Ireland: Following Saint Patrick
Denmark’s Harbour of Music
Mysterious Scotland: Calanais
The Wall, China Beach, and Memories
Finding Peace Along the Falls Road
Teaching Northumberland: Kathryn Tickell
Ian Tyson: songs of the Rocky Mountain West
Song Journeys
Meeting the Past in Northern Ireland
more Stories at Perceptive Travel

at Wandering Educators

Music and Horizons: Stories of Hope
Music for a Winter's Day
Song of the Banjo: Alison Brown
Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way: Voices of Donegal and Derry
Songs & Tunes of Cape Breton
Celtic Connections: Twenty Years of Extraordinary Music
book review: Modern Spice:Inspired Indian Flavors
Milwaukee Irish Fest
Five great places to eat in Glasgow, Scotland
Scottish musician Sarah-Jane Summers shares the best of the Highlands

at Journey to Scotland
Exploring the History of the Antonine Wall at Glasgow's Hunterian Museum
Scotland’s North Star: Music from Shetland’s Aly Bain
Glasgow Food Finds: Cafe Source

a selection of guest posts
guest post at A Traveler's Library music of the Ohio Valley: Wilderness Plots
guest post at A Traveler's Library on Scottish music for the traveler
guest post at Irish Fireside on three Celtic CDs to know
guest post at Perceptive Travel on pubs in Ireland: listening to music
guest post at The Brookyln Nomad on 5 top autumn Celtic festivals
guest post at Irish Fireside on the 2011 Gradam Ceoil awards honoring Ireland's traditional musicians
travel articles at Trazzler
including Veggie Planet in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Falls Road in Belfast, the Festival of Lights in Tallahassee, Saint Andrew's in the Square in Glasgow, and The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville

photography photography -- music and light

what others say:
“Kerry has a way of lifting her subjects from the printed page and bringing them into your living room for a thoughtful conversation. Through music, photographs, and intimate interviews she shares stories that celebrate the human spirit.”
Lisa Gensheimer. President, Main Street Media

"Kerry is an ideal Music Editor on our site - sharing incredible stories of musicians from around the world. Her ability to dig deep into the musical story is what sets her apart from the crowd. I look forward each month to her column at, and highly recommend her for both her writing ability and her in-depth knowledge of world music."
Dr. Jessica Voigts, editor and publisher, Wandering Educators

of note:
Music Road has four times been named one of the top five music blogs on the internet at the Weblog Awards, the only folk and Celtic music blog to be so recognized. Music Road is also a four time nominee for best music and arts blog at the Irish Blog Awards, and in 2008 the post Irish Music, Irish landscape was recognized as a top ten best post of the year by those awards. further, an article at Music Road and one at Perceptive Travel were named to the list of top Irish interest articles on the web in 2010 by the editors of Irish Fireside and in 2011, an article about Irish music at Wandering Educators was also chosen for that list. thanks to all who participated in these recognitions.

 in addition to editorial writing, Kerry can also help you with
writing liner notes, editing, presenting workshops, speaking, and consulting in the arts

professional biography writing services are also available.

for more information on any of these, please write to Kerry at riosur[at]aol [dot]com

-->Your support for Music Road is welcome and needed. If you are able to chip in, here is a way to do that, through PayPal. Note that you do not have to have a PayPal account to do this. Thank you.

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Anonymous Harry Hussain said...

Hi Kerry

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you.

We’re doing some work for Jura Distillery who recently helped to host the island’s 17th Music Festival. Taking to the stage this year were a host of up and coming and established folk artists. Jura has put together a highlights package of this weekend’s festivities featuring some performance highlights which you can view at I thought it might be of interest to you?


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Blogger Kerry Dexter said...

thanks, Harry.

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