Tuesday, November 04, 2008

R Carlos Nakai: Talisman

R Carlos Nakai

RC Nakai’s latest recording begins with music that’s like a quite walk into evening darkness, and continues with wonder and the stars, the many version of night, and then through early morning hours through sunrise. Speaking as I just was in the post about Billy McComiskey about music that could last through the turn of seasons, this also could be a quiet soundtrack of preparation for the work of winter.

Nakai, who is of Navajo and Ute heritage, plays traditional Native cedar flutes here. It is to the spare sound of solo and duo flute her returns, in the midst of a career long exploration of the possibilities of Native music on the cedar flute, and exploration which has seen him found an ethnic jazz quartet, play with many symphony orchestras, collaborate with a Japanese ensemble, and work with many other artists as well as create adventurous music of his own. He has earned two gold records - the only Native American recording so far to do so -- and has received eight Grammy nominations. And is is to simplicity that he returns.

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