Friday, January 23, 2009

creative practice: winter thoughts

Winter is a time of gathering in, for contemplation, for rest, for renewal. Connection and community take on different aspects in this season of darkness and light, of preparation and celebration for solitude, of leaving behind and for new beginnings, building on the lessons learned and joys celebrated through Advent and Christmas.

What are you beginning anew?

music to go along with these ideas

Shannon Heaton’s lyrical Fine Winter’s Night, on Matt & Shannon Heaton: Fine Winter's Night

Eileen McGann’s funny Snow Shanty on trilogy: 2000 Years of Christmas

Emily Smith’s reflective Winter Song on Too Long Away

Maura O’Connell’s inspring Blessing on Walls & Windows

and also
Music Road: Matt & Shannon Heaton: Fine Winter's Night concert

Music Road: Gretchen Peters: Northern Lights

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