Saturday, February 21, 2009

thinking about sessions

What is there in other sorts of music, or in other sorts of communities, that offers the same atmosphere as a really good session? I’m thinking about Irish and Scottish and Cape Breton ones, but I’ve also been to good sessions in bluegrass, and when songwriters get together. Both of those have been a bit different from the sort of community and sharing that goes on at a really good kitchen party or pub session though. When it’s really good, there's welcome for music new and familiar, recognition and connection when somebody else joins in and adds a part to what you are doing. Everybody is welcome to share a song, a tune, a story, a dance, or just to listen, and to change their minds about how they’ll participate at any moment. Like a good conversation, I suppose...which is why I’ve chosen to suggest the two recordings below to go along with this idea. They don’t have to to with sessions, but have a lot to do with conversation. Both are from Carrie Newcomer.

Betty's Diner

Regulars & Refugees

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Singing: Natural, Purposeful, Fun from Shannon Heaton's blog Leap Little Frog

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Blogger Shannon said...

Nice, Kerry. I think one of the coolest things about a great house or pub session is the input from non-musicians--friends who are there hanging out near the music.

Sometimes it's a comment, but usually it's just the vibe that happens from having a bunch of hearts tuned into the same moment.

4:53 PM  

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