Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Songs of the Immigrants

From the First Peoples making their way across the Bering Strait to the just arrived, the United States is a nation of immigrants. Cathie Ryan gets to the heart and courage involved in such a journey in her song The Back Door. Here’s a vintage video of her singing it, with Joanie Madden on flutes and whistles, from 1992.

Fiona J. Mackenzie, a renown Scottish Gaelic singer, made an album of songs of emigrants from Scotland her contribution to the Homecoming Year. Learn more about A Good Suit of Clothes

What are your songs and stories of emigration and immigration?

This post is part of The Great American Road Trip: A Traveler's Library is taking you on a trip across the United States though books and film, and I’m chiming in now and then with music to go along. Read about what's on tap over at A Traveler's Library for today.

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