Friday, November 12, 2010

music, big pictures, and details

As you are traveling this winter holiday season, keep an eye out, and ear out, for both the big picture and the details. Good ideas to reflect on and practice when you are staying close to home, as well. Also, ideas to think about when listening to music.

sheep cf copyright kerry dexter
donegal cathedral copyright kerry dexter
portland chain copyright kerry dexter
flute and hands copyright kerry dexter

music to go along with these ideas
Close to Home

Music Road: Carrie Newcomer: Before & After

Music Road: ten songs

photographs copyright Kerry Dexter, from Portland, Maine (chain), Letterkenny, Donegal (head), midlands, Ireland (sheep on hillside), Cambridge, Massachusetts (musician's hands)

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Anonymous Anna said...

The detail in these shots is gorgeous. Once again wishing I could play an instrument....

6:59 AM  

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